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Sarbat Khalsa
During the turbulent 18th century, with the gradual collapse of the Mughal Empire and constant incursions by Afghan invaders into India, Sikhs became the de facto defenders of Punjab. During this period, Sikhs would congregate twice a year on Vaisakhi and Diwali at the Harminder Sahib. There, they would make important military and leadership decisions to help the Panth survive these difficult times. This system of collective governance allowed Sikhs to survive the tumultuous 18th century which included the greater and lesser Gulugara (Sikh Holocausts).
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The Protector Guru Tegh Bahadur
Guru Tegh Bahadur refused to convert to Islam and upheld the right to freedom of religion. Empire Aurunzeb subjected him to a long period of torture in an attempt to make him submit but ultimately failed. On November 11, 1675, Guru Teg Bahadur, still defiant, was beheaded in a public execution. The Guru's death was the match that set aflame a new revolution in the land of Punjab and birthed the Khalsa. The ultimate expression of defiance against state oppression.
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Stand on Guard for Thee

To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Sikh contribution to World War One, Kanwar Singh's latest painting represents a foray into the contemporary period of Sikh Military history. It is the first of four paintings dealing with the role of Sikh men and women of various nationalities who lived through this epic confrontation of Nations.

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Bachittar Singh - Saint Soldier

Initiated into the Khalsa on the historic Vaisakhi Day, Bachittar Singh fought alongside Guru Gobind Singh in a number of key battles in defence of Anandpur.

This scene shows him in his famous single-handed combat with the enraged elephant sent charging at the Sikh fort of Lohgarh by the joint enemy forces of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb and the Hill Rajas.

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Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj

In a brilliant move of strategy and leadership, Guru Gobind Singh initiated the ceremony of Amrit and transformed the Sikhs into the fearless and united body of the Khalsa.  The Khalsa became a brave and moral fighting force against the tyrannical moghal ruler that occupied the Punjab.  They achieved an exalted state of deathlessness, which empowered even a handful of Khalsa to fight effectively against overwhelming numbers.

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Guru Gobind Singh - Master and Disciple

Guru Gobind Singh started the baptism of Amrit and thousands of Sikhs drank the nectar from the five Beloved Ones. He gave a new hope and strength to the oppressed. He swept  away timidity and cowardice from the hearts of ordinary people. The Guru said, "When I make the sparrows hunt hawks and a single Sikh fight a legion, only then shall I be called Guru Gobind Singh."

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Gurgaddi Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji
History records that when Guru Gobind Singh ji passed the Guruship to the Guru Granth Sahib ji, the event was witnessed by a loyal retinue of Sikhs who had accompanied him south to Nanded.
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Mai Bhago and the Forty Liberated Ones

Mai Bhago (Mata Bhag Kaur), born in Jhabal near Amritsar was the sole survivor of the battle of Khidrana (Battle of Muktsar, 1705) and is well known for her courage and devotion to Guru Gobind Singh ji.

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Guru Arjan Dev Ji - Birth of the Adi Granth

Guru Arjan Dev Ji, the fifth Guru, presided over a time of many great new horizons for the young Sikh faith. Amritsar was becoming a great social, political and religious centre. Large throngs of devotees were drawn to this place by a longing to be with their Guru, their love of Gurbani and to witness the completion of the Harmandir Sahib.

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Guru Hargobind - Lord of Miri Piri

This painting commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Indian government's assault on the Golden Temple - the Durbar Sahib - of Amritsar in June 1984, during the Gurpurab of Guru Arjan's Martyrdom.

Kanwar Singh's painting portrays the Sixth Guru, Hargobind - who erected the Akal Takht in the 17th century as the seat of Sikh Temporal Authority - as well as scenes from 1984

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The Eternal Guru

In 1708, Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs, having consciously witnessed the sacrifice of the lives of all his four sons, handed over the legacy to the Guruship of the Shabad Guru, embodied in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib.

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Banda Singh Bahadur Sava Lakh Khalsa

This painting by Kanwar Singh marks Banda Singh Bahadur's final stand against a massive Mughal army at Gurdas Nangal.

His will against the oppressor never faltered and even after torture and the slaying of his young son, he refused to convert to Islam.

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Vaisakhi 1699 Birth of the Khalsa

On the day of Vaisakhi in 1699, Guru Gobind stepped onto the stage with Mata Sahib, unsheathed his sword and demanded that a Sikh amongst them should prove his devotion by offering their head to the Guru.  After a long silence, a hand rose to the sky.  His name was Daya Ram, a devoted Sikh from Lahore.

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Bhai Bachittar Singh
Bhai Bachittar Singh, a warrior under Guru Gobind Singh, was a brave hero who was tasked with stopping the armored enraged elephant set to batter in the gates. Bhai Bachittar, armed with a nagni barcha (a type of spear) rode out of the fort on horseback and attacked the elephant, thrusting his spear into the animal's forehead and cutting its trunk with his sword.
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Guru Nanak and His Companions (blue tonal sketch)
This painting was inspired by a map that I saw showing Guru Nanak Dev Ji's travels across India and deep into Eurasia. It would be an astounding feat in any time, but more so in the war torn and turbulent 15 Century. The painting contemplates the loneliness of the vast physical distances he traveled and the greater spiritual boundaries he crossed in his life time.
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